Aligning B2B + B2C

“The valuable insights, tools and tips we have gained through the process have been invaluable for us.”

Shradha Williams
Marketing Manager, Aluro Healthcare


A little-known consumer product to get our teeth into.

Their users will tell you - Piksters Interdental Brushes are loved for their ease of use, single handed action, variety of sizes, low cost, convenience, the twisty handle, the stronger stiffer wire and the durability of the bristles. They are made by an Australia- based manufacturer, and distributed in NZ by Aluro Healthcare, based on Auckland’s North Shore. Piksters had potential, but sales were stagnating.

The Challenge

Interdental: What is that?

Piksters NZ needed to promote its own products in the New Zealand Market. The brand itself wasn’t well-known, and the main product – interdental brushes – didn’t exactly have a huge demand. To be frank, most people in NZ weren’t even aware of what they are. Clearly the brand needed a push to gain general audience awareness, to claim the territory and put up a flag.

It also needed to gain B2B attention – by showing brand leadership in the ‘interdental’ space it could create a fear of missing out for wholesale customers. Ultimately, it also needed to showcase its marketing chops and energy to the international brand partner.

The Solution

Developing an online retail platform and brand presence traditionally takes a long time. To stake its place in the New Zealand space, Piksters NZ needed to occupy its own digital property, and fast. A eCommerce solution was quickly implemented, with accompanying advertising campaigns driving direct purchases. To begin with, the ‘Hero Product’ (Interdental Brushes) was launched online, with a new value proposition to position it well in the local market against the competition.

The initial aim was to make the proposition and product easy enough to understand and buy online – and to drive enough direct sales through the platform and ads campaigns for it to be self-supporting from there. With the ensuing surplus advertising capacity, it was time to drive brand awareness and then to generate fresh new demand.

With an agile, fast-moving development and launch process, that self-funding point was quickly reached, and the brand continues a well-deserved upward trajectory in the New Zealand market.

To get there we developed:

  • A clear value proposition to position the product
  • Sales collateral to support traditional B2B distribution
  • A new eCommerce,
  • Display campaigns driving brand awareness and demand
  • Shopping and search campaigns to drive direct sales

The Value Delivered


Development processes that take years no longer cut the mustard. Piksters NZ launched successfully with lightning speed.


A smart mix of value proposition creation and creativity placed the product where customers could understand it – and want to buy.


The brand needed to stand on its own two feet, and support its own growth. In no time the Piksters NZ brand was paying its own way.


Our market may be smaller than overseas markets, but we can punch above our weight in performance and quality.

The Impact

“Roland, Shane and the BlueOcean team were really good to partner with on our Piksters brand project. The team were professional, approachable, knowledgeable and they definitely have financial nous. They took their time to understand our needs, took us through a planning process and then they came up with innovative solutions that worked for us. They helped us get clear direction, develop a tangible plan, implement internal processes in place and empowered us so that we can take the Piksters brand to the next level. The valuable insights, tools and tips we have gained through the process have been invaluable for us. BlueOcean are experts in turning strategies into action. They help businesses develop, expand and grow their brands. We highly recommend their services.”

- Shradha Williams, Marketing Manager