Substantial Revenue Increases

“BlueOcean had real impact on our business”

Sonja Hermann
Marketing Manager, Jet Park Hotels

Jet Park Hotels

For over 20 years Jet Park Hotels has been dedicated to providing excellent service and genuine Kiwi hospitality to guests.

Jet Park have grown from a single hotel in Auckland to a broader family of hotels around the country. They are passionate about New Zealand and ensuring that every guest who steps through their doors has the best experience possible. 

The Challenge

Transforming Performance.

Jet Park Hotels had a challenge; after investing in a multimillion renovation project and new conference facilities, the expected return was not there. They were experiencing a revenue plateau and rising operating costs.

The Solution

Clarify and refine a clear value proposition by shifting their strategy from product to customer centric. Align strategy, people and marketing execution to communicate value to both customers and employees. Claim a place in the hearts of kiwis and create a pricing strategy to maximise yield and occupancy.



  • A Customer-Centric Strategy
  • A Fresh Value Proposition Design
  • Bespoke New Websites and Hub
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Strategic Marketing Execution



The Value Delivered

Substantial Increase in Online Bookings

Significantly increased reservation numbers led to a real impact on the bottom line 

The Customer in the Centre

Strategy rebuilt to put the customer at the centre of everything.

Elevating the Whole Business

A sound strategy with clear measurable objectives, linked to customer-centricity throughout elevated the entire business 

Aligned Marketing Execution

Aligned, Strategic Marketing Execution positioned the group for happy guests and sustained success.

The Impact

“Blue Ocean provided a sound marketing strategy and expert execution. It was all backed with measurable objectives and the resulting growth substantially impacted the bottom line of our business”

- Sonja Herrman, Director