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Our Approach

working together, we mean business.

We bring together diverse disciplines to work with you and complement your existing capabilities. We enable you to have easy access to an innovative strategist, original creative, digital wizard or marketing guru.

It is impossible to bring the range and depth of these skills together in one person internally, or perhaps even several. And lets face it, you probably only need each for a fixed period of time. The strategist is primarily used in the beginning and you don’t need an original creative all the time, but probably more of a hands on getting stuff done marketing guru — that you may already have in-house.

You can engage us to do it all or bite sized and specific. For a one off specific objective or on-going. It’s your choice.

Here are some of the diverse skills and disciplines we offer:

B2B Strategy

Fresh Eyes & Clear Direction

Strategy defines and drives decisions. Understand your market, customer, value proposition, goals and objectives. Create a clear picture of what you want the future to look like, and it will enable you to be proactive instead of reactive.

  • Research customers and markets 
  • Value proposition design
  • Customer journey
  • Customer personas
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Brand & Design

Commercial creative in your corner

Brand and design shape the way your business is perceived; rallying customers and staff to your cause.

We create strong brand foundations and beautiful brand expressions.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Brand Development
  • Collateral & Assets
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B2B Marketing

Accelerate growth

Define your space in the market, help sales and marketing understand decision makers, build and sustain awareness, spark interest from the right customers, and get the funnel filling.

  • B2B Marketing Strategy
  • Campaign Execution
  • Content Creation
  • Lead Generation
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Turn pixels into pipeline

When you’re spending your company’s money, you need to do your research. For B2B buyers, that starts in one of two places; past experience, or online. 

  • Digital Identity
  • Websites
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
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B2B Sales Enablement

Better leads and conversion

From aligning sales and marketing, to putting the right tools and information at your team's fingertips wherever they are, sales enablement does what it says; it helps make sales happen.

  • Sales Toolkits
  • Intranet Development
  • Presentations & Proposals
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
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When you should talk with us:


When you need fresh eyes

If the year ahead just promises more of the same.

When you need to build trust in-market

If things need a shake up.

When you need to accelerate growth

If an opportunity is yours for the taking.

When you need creativity in your corner.

If you need extra creative skills and execution.

When you need more leads & conversions

If the sales pipe is leaking faster than you can fill it.

About Us

People, our greatest asset

Through knowledge and experience, we give businesses a competitive edge.

When you partner with BlueOcean, you get a seasoned team of strategists, designers, marketers, and developers to enrich your in-house capabilities. By acting as one team with our clients we empower people through genuine care. We have worked with New Zealand businesses all across the country for the last 20+ years. We’d welcome the opportunity to work with you too.

Roland Leemans
Roland Leemans
CEO, Partner, Advisor, Director
Henrik Arlund
Henrik Arlund
Partner, Advisor, Director
Jo Taute
Jo Taute
General Manager
Lee Hunter
Lee Hunter
Strategic Consultant, Business Mentor
Dale Koerner
Dale Koerner
Senior Marketing Strategist
Carmen Hogan
Carmen Hogan
Marketing Associate
Shannon Bayliss
Shannon Bayliss
Senior Creative Strategist
John Hayler
John Hayler
Creative Associate
Jay Kudecha
Jay Kudecha
Senior Software Architect
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee
Senior Digital Associate
Shane Jaxson
Shane Jaxson
Strategic Consultant
Louis Bolton
Louis Bolton
Director of Photography
Bev Trueman
Bev Trueman