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Team Mindset

Our purpose is to empower B2B firms to succeed.


We seek continuous improvements and build the team’s capacity to learn. Everyone is empowered and given opportunities to grow.


We innovate and deliver results for customers, working as one team and are held accountable.


We specialise in a human centric approach that shapes organisations to uncover and deliver more value to customers, staff, and business owners.



Roland Leemans

CEO, Partner, Advisor, Director

Roland is the CEO and Co-Founder of BlueOcean and is a member of the Institute of Directors (IoD). He is the author of Evolution By Design™, a business framework to shift organisations from Product to Customer to deliver sustainable growth.

A lifelong learner, Roland began his journey with a Bachelor's in Commercial Engineering and a Master's in Business at the University of Brussels, continuing his education through many Executive programmes at Harvard Business School.

For over 25 years, Roland has developed an extensive skill set in helping clients with developing and implementing strategy and business transformation centred around customer value creation. He has worked as a consultant for PwC, run several businesses, advised boards, and consulted with many companies worldwide.

Roland is a regular speaker at the University of Waikato Business School, industry events and leads a range of NZTE Regional Business Partners workshops on strategy, customer experience, and digital transformation.

Henrik Arlund

CEO, Partner, Advisor, Director

Henrik is an accomplished strategist who has dedicated his career to placing the human element and customer experience at the forefront of his work. He possesses a wealth of experience in marketing, sales, organisational design, and tactics, and has a proven track record of successfully creating and implementing winning strategies that deliver exceptional results. Henrik understands how to effectively align organisations with a clear purpose, objectives, and value proposition, in order to drive increased customer value while optimising resources.

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Henrik has held key roles in strategy development, value proposition design, consultancy, audit, business analysis, management, software architecture, and marketing, both as an internal team member and as a consultant for leading firms such as KPMG and BlueOcean. He has earned a reputation for his meticulous attention to detail and has been instrumental in helping companies of all types to maximise investments, cut spending, and increase efficiency.

Jo Taute

Account Manager

Jo’s skill set lies in people management, project management and sales, with an enormous passion for tourism, her clients and the success of their organisation. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the B2B sector, Jo is a seasoned professional who is deeply passionate about people. She is committed to the success of our customers and have a proven track record of building strong relationships, teams, and networks.

Jo's success stems from a combination of client management expertise, strategic thinking, and business acumen. She has a keen ability to set direction, inspire, and empower teams to work collaboratively towards goals, all while maintaining a people-first approach to leadership. She firmly believe that a company's success is directly tied to the success of its employees, and prioritise their growth and development as a core component of the organisation's success.




Lee Hunter

Sales Strategist

Lee combines years of experience with New Zealand B2B businesses to build genuine relationships and align sales and marketing strategies for success. Lee's proven track record demonstrates tailored strategies that drive growth and measurable results.

Dale Koerner

Marketing Strategist

Dale's innate sense of curiosity helps him and his teams get to grips with complex, technical industries, while his background in B2B family business, and passion for people, see him devoted to helping his clients succeed.

Freyja Spaven

Senior Marketer

Freyja is a Senior Marketer with a demonstrated history in Health and Wellness, B2B SaaS, and manufacturing. With a background in content marketing, Freyja is passionate about research and the creative process. Freyja is dedicated to supporting the purpose and people behind businesses to achieve the best outcomes.

Carmen Hogan

Senior Digital Marketer

Carmen is a road-tested marketer with a deep appreciation of solid value propositions and a flair for communications that convert.

With experience across the whole customer journey from strategy, to digital marketing and right through to customer engagement, Carmen sees every touchpoint as an opportunity to create value for customers.

Shane Jaxson

Senior Digital Marketer

Initially from Portsmouth, U.K, Shane has travelled the world extensively from childhood, variously living in Scotland, Hong Kong, and Singapore among other places before returning to his hometown to complete a B.A with Honours in Design and Media.

Shannon Bayliss

Senior Creative Manager

From developing brands and advertisements that set businesses on a growth path, and producing winning sales proposals that secure economic stimulus for New Zealand, to designing award-winning websites, Shannon continues to develop an ever-green creative toolbox.

Louis Bolton

Video Producer

Louis creates stories through video creation and production.

He is always curious for the ‘why’ of a picture rather than the ‘how’. Be it a photograph or a film. What story does it tell? What emotion does it elicit? 

Ethan Dryden


Ethan is a dynamic and enthusiastic young professional with a passion for marketing and a drive to make a significant impact in the field. Joining our team as a Junior Marketer, he brings a groundswell of fresh energy and new perspectives, built upon a solid foundation in marketing principles.

Daniel Lee

Front-end Web Developer

Ever since joining the team, he has worked on solving problems and serving our clients to the highest level possible. The team value his knowledge and ability to see outside the box.

John Hayler

Graphic Designer

John is an enthusiastic creative who loves to develop his skillset and constantly improve upon his craft. His experience in design ranges from working with small businesses and individuals to bigger, global companies.

Jay Kudecha

Senior Software Architect

Jay lets his work do all the talking; proclaiming his skill and ability in a way he would be far too humble to say himself. His motto is: Get the best possible outcome with whatever resources given.

Bev Trueman

Office Manager

With experience from the ground up, through administration in all sorts of industries, Bev has a natural eye for detail. 

When you should talk with us


When you need fresh eyes

If the year ahead just promises more of the same, and you’re not sure what to do next: A pair of fresh eyes can help.

When you need to build trust

If the sales pipe is leaking faster than you can fill it: Building trust with prospects might be the answer.

When you need to accelerate growth

If an opportunity is yours for the taking, but you need extra bandwidth: Get a team ready to kick into action.

When you need creativity in your corner

If you need creative skills and execution to bring your brand or campaign to life: Put creativity in your corner.

When you need More Leads & Conversion

If you need to fill the sales pipe: Leverage our expertise in B2B lead campaigns.

When you need Digital to stand out

If you need a sales person 24/7: Get an exceptional B2B digital experience.