On a mission, together

ORB Medical



"Now we are one of the best companies in the industry to work with"

Having an entrepreneurial spirit, Ben Willis set up ORB Medical in 2013, which continues to develop the relationship between industry, suppliers, hospitals and surgeons – all with the final well-being and successful outcome of the patient at the heart of the business.

Until 2020 we had healthy organic growth and didn’t think much about strategic growth. For us, success has always been seeking the best outcome for the patients. I knew I had to lead by example and get in some external help to accelerate, and structure the business. Now we are one of the best companies in the industry to work with.



Strategic Growth.

While Orb Medical had been enjoying healthy, organic growth, they hadn't really considered strategic growth. From a sales perspective they employed a shotgun approach, spreading resources thinly and with little focus.

"You think you are running a good business, until BlueOcean turns up. It’s clear, very quickly, you just don’t know what you don’t know, and that’s a good thing."



Set direction, then deliver on it.

BlueOcean delivered a Customer-Centric Strategy, encompassing a clear Value Proposition Design, and mapped customer journeys for their different customer personas.

This drove digital transformation across the business, and allowed them to identify and execute ongoing growth activities.





Value Delivered

Ben Willis

CEO and Founder

ORB Medical

"We now have real focus on value-creating activities that matter. It has really been about having experts in an area where we didn’t have any and we were never going to employ those people ourselves."


Strategic and tactical Sales & Marketing work focussed on value-creating activities that matter. 


An expert and experienced team of strategy-led marketers, designers and technical developers: on tap when needed.


Delivery of a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy, to form the framework for brand and marketing direction.


Improving sales, executing strategic business to business marketing and distribute new products.

Working As One Team

Ben Willis
Ben Willis
CEO, Founder
Orb Medical
Sarah Handley
Sarah Handley
Head Of Clinical Specialists
Orb Medical
Roland Leemans
Roland Leemans
CEO, Partner, Advisor, Director
Dale Koerner
Dale Koerner
Marketing Strategist
Lee Hunter
Lee Hunter
Sales Strategist
Shannon Bayliss
Shannon Bayliss
Senior Creative Manager


Empowered For Success

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When you should talk with us


When you need fresh eyes

If the year ahead just promises more of the same, and you’re not sure what to do next: A pair of fresh eyes can help.

When you need to build trust

If the sales pipe is leaking faster than you can fill it: Building trust with prospects might be the answer.

When you need to accelerate growth

If an opportunity is yours for the taking, but you need extra bandwidth: Get a team ready to kick into action.

When you need creativity in your corner

If you need creative skills and execution to bring your brand or campaign to life: Put creativity in your corner.

When you need More Leads & Conversion

If you need to fill the sales pipe: Leverage our expertise in B2B lead campaigns.

When you need Digital to stand out

If you need a sales person 24/7: Get an exceptional B2B digital experience.