How businesses empower

their teams to succeed

Blue Ocean set out to research how New Zealand medium-sized organisations with less than 350 full-time employees empower their employees.

Many studies on leadership find that empowering leaders are effective at influencing employees’ creativity and behaviours. By empowering their employees, these leaders are more likely to be trusted and more effective at motivating employees to deliver performance.

This report provides insightful information on how medium to large New Zealand enterprises empower their employees, which plays a significant contribution to the success of their organisation.

We engaged with the University of Waikato Management School and conducted interviews with various business leaders. A total of 29 companies were interviewed from various industries, throughout Auckland, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty. Of those companies, 48% have identified that they value customers as their highest priority, 38% value employees first and 14% identify shareholders as their highest priority. With 72% reporting that they are achieving their strategy, 21% said they’re on the right track and 7% said they aren’t.

Over the course of three months, we researched what elements make up empowerment and what systems organisations have in place to support their employees. A series of questions were presented to business leaders, with key insights revolving around leadership, organisation, and culture.

We hope this research will provide insightful information for your business.