Building a Trust-Cycle

“This customer-centricity has been invaluable, resulting in the best outcome”

Mark O'Brien
Director, Aluro Healthcare

Aluro Healthcare

If you’re a medium-sized fish, it’s not easy sharing a small pond with sharks.

100% kiwi-owned and operated; Aluro Healthcare is a dedicated supplier to the dental industry. Through grit, customer focus and a relentless pursuit of innovative technologies, Aluro had established itself as a strong contender in the consumables space. But when it came to capital equipment, they were up against global giants; the type of global giants that define standard practices and gold standards.

The Challenge

I know what I trust, and I trust what I know.

Although Aluro had a large and loyal base of consumables clients, the big international players with the biggest, most internationally recognised brands were a force of gravity.
The money went where it had always gone.

The Solution

Working with the Aluro team, industry connections and 3rd party data, we built a market segmentation and made some clear calls on which segments to target.

  • A Customer-Centric Strategy
  • Brand Diagnosis, Expansion & Positioning
  • New Website and Hub
  • Lead Gen Campaigns & Communication
  • Content Strategy & Execution



The Value Delivered

A Voice that Stands Out

In a market where everyone sounds, looks and feels the same, Aluro Equipment has made its message memorable.

Smarketing Alignment

Establishing a regular cadence and structure of communication, sales and marketing are now working as a tight-knit unit.


Communications, thought leadership and lead generation have filled the top of the funnel, and sales are more
empowered to go out hunting.


If a prospect is close to raising their hand, sales know about it and have the insights needed to turn suspects into prospects.

The Impact

“It has been great working with Lee and the troops from Blue Ocean. Lee has been an excellent communicator and always focused on deliverables. He is very personable and easy to work with. His skill is sales strategy, and he has bought this competence to the fore, to ensure any concept designed has real meaning for the customer.”

- Mark O'Brien, Director