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We bring together diverse disciplines to work with you and complement your existing capabilities.

We enable you to have easy access to an innovative strategist, original creative, digital wizard or B2B marketing guru. It is impossible to bring the range and depth of these skills together in one person internally, or perhaps even several. And let’s face it, you probably only need each for a fixed period of time.

At BlueOcean, we offer a comprehensive suite of skills, each crafted to address your unique business challenges and goals. From devising robust B2B strategies and engaging marketing campaigns to creating compelling brand identities and innovative B2B digital solutions, our services are designed to deliver results. Discover how we blend creativity, strategy, and technology to drive growth, enhance engagement, and transform your business landscape.

You can engage us to do it all or bite sized and specific. For a one off specific project or on-going. It’s your choice. Let’s collaborate to create success stories.


Define your space.
Claim it.
  • Customer research
  • Value proposition design
  • Customer journey
  • Positioning and messaging


  • Strategic marketing plan
  • Brand & product positioning
  • Content and communications
  • B2B Marketing as a service

Creative, Brand &

Commercial creative
in your corner.
  • Brand development
  • Collateral and assets
  • Campaign creative
  • Video production

B2B Digital

digital experiences.
  • Digital strategy
  • Websites and online presentation
  • B2B digital campaigns
  • Social media marketing

B2B Lead

Find your audience.
Fill the funnel.
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Content marketing
  • Funnel optimisation
  • Data and insights


More trust.
More conversions.
  • Sales toolkits
  • Capability document
  • Pitches, presentation & proposals
  • Sales & marketing systems


Empowered For Success

Amanda Wells, Kilwell

Kilwell Fibrelab

Creating a new legacy. Aligning teams behind the customer. Read Case Study
Ben Willis, Orb Medical

Orb Medical

On a mission, together. Global innovation for surgeons. Read Case Study
Julie Hayes, BeeNZ

BeeNZ Honey

From hive to soul. International go-to-market plan. Read Case Study
Mark O’Brien, Aluro Healthcare

Aluro Healthcare

Building a Trust-Cycle Customer-Centricity resulting in the Best Outcome Read Case Study
Dr Adam Durning, The Dentists

The Dentists

Unite the group. Deliver better patient outcomes. Read Case Study

When you should talk with us


When you need fresh eyes

If the year ahead just promises more of the same, and you’re not sure what to do next: A pair of fresh eyes can help.

When you need to build trust

If the sales pipe is leaking faster than you can fill it: Building trust with prospects might be the answer.

When you need to accelerate growth

If an opportunity is yours for the taking, but you need extra bandwidth: Get a team ready to kick into action.

When you need creativity in your corner

If you need creative skills and execution to bring your brand or campaign to life: Put creativity in your corner.

When you need More Leads & Conversion

If you need to fill the sales pipe: Leverage our expertise in B2B lead campaigns.

When you need Digital to stand out

If you need a sales person 24/7: Get an exceptional B2B digital experience.